Au Revoir, Gavin

Our awesome teammate, Gavin Appel, leaves us this Summer for a temporary, new home in Canberra, Australia. Gavin’s father has been chosen for a much sought after position in the capital city and the family will be living there for three years. We’ll miss Gavin’s goal scoring and strong play, but especially his friendship and leadership. His love for the game is evident and it was infectious. He’s sure to continue his soccer development Down Under and we sincerely hope to see him back with us in a few years time. Bon voyage, Gavin and family!

One thought on “Au Revoir, Gavin

  1. Dear Gavin,
    I am so sad to see you leave. You’re going to be across the world from us! I hope you have a splendid time until you return. You were one of the top goal scorers on our team and our new team will feel different without you. Thanks for bringing joy and happiness to our team. We’ll all miss you and your insane speed. I wished that we could have had much more time together. You weren’t just a friend that I met from a travel team, you played with me since challenge and you will always be a man-beast…
    From your (half) Aussie friend, Leo

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