Goodbye U12, Hello U13

We hope everyone is enjoying the Summer.

Congrats to all the U12BX boys for moving on to the U13 Boys Elite team.

Christos will be Team Manager again this year unless someone else is really interested in doing it. Let us know as he doesn’t want to re-elect himself. It is a fun job and he enjoys it (except for maybe the hotel reservation part).

There have been a few updates. There are now video snippets of all the scoring from that exciting FC Delco tournament game where the boys came back from a 4-1 deficit to win:

FC Delco Players Cup v Epic Sporting Stars 2007 Blue

Final CCL standings are available via the menu above and unofficial goal/assist statistics are available via a link at the bottom of this page. Note that we were very liberal with assist credits.

We’ve added a photo or two of the boys from the Kardinal Hall gathering and also posted a goodbye to Gavin. If your sons would like, commenting is open on that post, so please feel free to have them write something to our teammate below the blog post. We’re sure he’ll appreciate it and he could always go to the page and reminisce when he’s feeling homesick.

We’ve also put together a cheesy, little Story Map to remember our U12BX team by. Hope you enjoy it. It makes gratuitous use of many sports cliches.

Some items of note:
– You may have heard that two players that were invited ended up declining – one was due to a family move and the other for reasons unknown. So, we’ll have a roster of 16 this year, with the addition of Jack and Tristan from SOCA U12BP and Izaack and Connor from the Harrisonburg area.
– You should have received a email about uniform ordering. We’re sure everyone is happy about not having the added expense of purchasing new uniforms. Everything but the CCL warm up stays the same this year. Do please purchase the new, navy CCL warmup shirt though.
– Please check your SOCA account and update any old information. Last time we checked, some boys still had their elementary school listed. Also, check addresses and phone numbers. This information is important because it gets transferred to the rosters.
– As Coach Matt has written, first practice is 29 July. But if anyone wants to kick around before that, Open Gym is every Friday at 5:00 at the STC (except for July 5th). It’s only $10, but free if you’re signed up for Dion’s technical sessions.

Have a great rest of Summer!

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