Michael Placed on Injured Reserved

Michael ClevelandMost of you know Michael and his parents Dawn and John and have heard about his knee issue.

Others, particularly some of the new players’ parents, probably are not aware and we’ve been asked why he’s not participating in practice or games. We wanted to wait until his MRI was looked at and his parents were OK with us making it public. Well, here’s the skinny….

His knee has been bothering him for some time, off and on as we understand, and he has even played through the pain at times. His MRI results this past week showed/confirmed that he has OCD — Osteochondritis dissecans. Basically, the blood vessels in his knee that support bone growth dried up (were damaged and died?). When they dried up, they stopped feeding the growth plate and the bone failed to grow, causing a pit in the knuckle of his bone.(from Dawn)

Bottom line is that the doctors recommend he avoid high impact sports activities for 6-9 months so that the knee bones can heal naturally and he can avoid surgery. He can take part in activities like light passing of the soccer ball, juggling, or warming up the goalie. He still wants to be a part of team activities whenever possible and you’ll probably see him doing these sorts of activities with the team.

This is actually good news for Michael and his prognosis is very good for the future. We’re hoping that it’s closer to 6 months and he can rejoin team practices and competition in the Spring.

Wish him a full, speedy recovery and give him a fist bump next time you see him.

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