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Please take the time to click a single button below by June 10th to let SOCA know of your intentions with regard to Summer Team Training (June 14 – July 17). Teams will have 2 sessions per week for a minimum of 1 hr 15 min, with the addition of games and a third, weekend session if restrictions loosen. Practices will be run in a team setting, conducted by their team coach in most cases. We’ve just confirmed that Coach Matt Wilson will be running ours. More specific details (times) will be communicated soon. SOCA is hopeful that most will choose to continue receiving training as this will help their financial situation.

SOCA needs to track which players will continue the training for planning purposes. If the team coach is not available or the team doesn’t have many available players, they will look at merging rosters or having SOCA staff run the sessions.

If you are undecided, please use the comments section below to explain why (e.g. awaiting more details).

Thanks for your time.

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