SOCA’s COVID-19 Policy

SOCA understands there is a lot of concern over the upcoming season regarding the safety of play during the pandemic. Below you will find a link to SOCA’s COVID-19 page that has all pertinent information regarding updated policies. Please read through it in its entirety. SOCA will continually update these policies as necessary.

It is important to have a lot of flexibility this upcoming season. SOCA is currently planning as if we’re playing, however they will operate with caution and make decisions on a weekly basis depending on current COVID-19 trends, as well as health and safety guidelines set out by our governor and the Virginia Youth Soccer Association. Registering for the travel program, there is an expectation there will be some travel and play against outside communities. SOCA is in contact with those club directors to make sure they have similar safety protocols in place. They are working on establishing objective measures to determine if games are ever unsafe to play. Games may be cancelled or postponed in these instances.

SOCA understands that each family has different levels of comfort with returning to play. As always, the decision to play ultimately is left to each family. SOCA appreciates open and early communication so that they can ensure the viability of teams on game days.

We all understand the role that soccer plays in our child’s development. There are physical, mental, and social benefits that are shown to be important, especially during highly stressful times. SOCA is hoping to provide an environment that is both beneficial and safe.

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