Game Schedule

Match length: 70 minutes (35 min halves);  5-10 minute halftime (CCL matches, tournaments may differ)
Match fields: U12-U11 play 9v9 on 80′ x 55′ fields with 7 x 21 goals.

This schedule is subject to change up to the week of the match. SOCA’s Travel Program Coordinator sends a confirmation schedule email to all coaches and managers the week of CCL (and VYSA State Cup) games.

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DateMatchTime/ResultsLeagueGroundResult Field Uniform
Jefferson Cup v Richmond Kickers Elite Black 07TournamentW Field 4 Blue/White/Red
Jefferson Cup v Yardley Makefield Soccer BlackoutTournamentL Field 4 Blue/White/Red
Jefferson Cup v FC Richmond Magic 07TournamentW Field 4 White/White/Blue
v FC FrederickCCLW Field 5 Blue/White/Red
v PotomacCCLW Field 3 Blue/White/Red
at Beach FCCCLT Field 13C Blue/White/Blue
at Lee-Mount Vernon SCCCLL Lower right field White/White/White
VYSA State Cup v Loudoun 07B RedVYSA State CupW Field 5 Blue/White/Red
v Alexandria 07B RedCCLT Field 3 Blue/White/Blue
VYSA State Cup Quarterfinal at AlexandriaVYSA State CupL Field 1 White/White/White
v NVSCCCLW Field 5 Blue/White/Red
at LoudounCCLW #1 C/D White/White/Blue
v SYACCLL Field 5 Blue/White/Red
FC Delco Players Cup v Continental FC Pre-ECNL 07M WhiteTournamentW Field 1B White/White/Red
FC Delco Players Cup v Epic Sporting Stars 2007 BlueTournamentW Field 3 White/White/White
FC Delco Players Cup v Beekman Wolves 07TournamentW Field 1B White/White/Blue
Semi-Finals v BRYC Pre-ECNL Academy U12TournamentL Field 2B White/White/Blue

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