SOCA’s COVID-19 Policy

SOCA understands there is a lot of concern over the upcoming season regarding the safety of play during the pandemic. Below you will find a link to SOCA’s COVID-19 page that has all pertinent information regarding updated policies. Please read through it in its entirety. SOCA will continually update these policies as necessary.

It is important to have a lot of flexibility this upcoming season. SOCA is currently planning as if we’re playing, however they will operate with caution and make decisions on a weekly basis depending on current COVID-19 trends, as well as health and safety guidelines set out by our governor and the Virginia Youth Soccer Association. Registering for the travel program, there is an expectation there will be some travel and play against outside communities. SOCA is in contact with those club directors to make sure they have similar safety protocols in place. They are working on establishing objective measures to determine if games are ever unsafe to play. Games may be cancelled or postponed in these instances.

SOCA understands that each family has different levels of comfort with returning to play. As always, the decision to play ultimately is left to each family. SOCA appreciates open and early communication so that they can ensure the viability of teams on game days.

We all understand the role that soccer plays in our child’s development. There are physical, mental, and social benefits that are shown to be important, especially during highly stressful times. SOCA is hoping to provide an environment that is both beneficial and safe.

Summer Team Training Poll

Please take the time to click a single button below by June 10th to let SOCA know of your intentions with regard to Summer Team Training (June 14 – July 17). Teams will have 2 sessions per week for a minimum of 1 hr 15 min, with the addition of games and a third, weekend session if restrictions loosen. Practices will be run in a team setting, conducted by their team coach in most cases. We’ve just confirmed that Coach Matt Wilson will be running ours. More specific details (times) will be communicated soon. SOCA is hopeful that most will choose to continue receiving training as this will help their financial situation.

SOCA needs to track which players will continue the training for planning purposes. If the team coach is not available or the team doesn’t have many available players, they will look at merging rosters or having SOCA staff run the sessions.

If you are undecided, please use the comments section below to explain why (e.g. awaiting more details).

Thanks for your time.

SOCA Summer Team Training

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Return to Training

SOCA is excited to announce “Return to Play” programming starting the week of May 25th.

In staying in line with the Phase One Re-Opening of Virginia laid out by Governor Northam, the Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA), through United States Youth Soccer (USYS), have established safety protocols for players to return to on-field training.

SOCA’s number one priority is to establish a training environment that is safe for all players and coaches using these guidelines. These sessions are in no way mandatory, but they hope families who feel comfortable take up this opportunity. There is no cost associated with these sessions.

Guidelines for conducting these sessions:

    • No more than 10 people in a group: 9 players + 1 coach per field.
    • Each player will have their own designated area to train in, which will be distanced by a minimum of 10 feet from the next nearest player or coach.
    • Players will have their own designated hydration areas that will also be 10 feet apart from the nearest player.
    • Each coach will wear a mask. Players are recommended to arrive and depart the fields with a mask but may remove it during training.
    • All players and coaches must have their temperature checked at home prior to coming to training. Players and coaches are not permitted to come to training if they have a temperature of 100 or more or feel sick.
    • All players must have their own water, a hand towel, hand sanitizer, and a soccer ball. Players will only use their soccer ball during sessions; however, players may be given additional soccer balls at certain stations. These additional soccer balls will be sanitized before and after each player’s individual use. No player may touch another player’s designated soccer ball(s).
    • Players must use their hand sanitizer before and after each station.
    • SOCA is working on getting hand sanitizing stations; however, we recommend players also bring their own for personal use.

Session Design:

    • SOCA Technical staff will run each session.
    • Each time slot will consist of three groups of 9 players. Each group will be well distanced at South Fork Soccer Park, with no more than one group per full-sided field.
    • Groups will be trained in three different stations: Ball Mastery, Passing & Receiving using a kickback board, and Shooting. Each station will last 12-15 minutes before rotating to the next station. Players and coaches will utilize hand sanitizing in-between each station.
    • Sessions will last 50 minutes, which will provide time for each group to exit the fields before the next group comes onto the field

Guidelines for Players:

    • Cannot be feeling sick or have a temperature of 100 or more.
    • Must bring their own ball, water, hand towel, and hand sanitizer.
    • Cannot share water.
    • Cannot share soccer balls or touch another player’s soccer ball.
    • Must stay within training space and follow social distancing while moving from station to station.
    • Must sanitize hands in between stations.
    • Failure to comply with safety protocols will result in a dismissal from training.

Guidelines for Coaches:

    • Must wear a mask.
    • Must sanitize hands in between groups.
    • Cannot touch any player’s soccer ball.
    • Will sanitize any additional soccer balls provided to players at shooting station.
    • Guidelines for Parents:

    • Must take child’s temperature prior to training. Must keep child at home if they are feeling sick or have a temperature of 100 or more.
    • Must stay in the car during training session.
    • Make sure your child has the above-mentioned items.

How to Register:

  • All registration will be done through Sign Up Genius
  • Each time slot will be available for a maximum of 27 players (3 groups of 9).
  • Each age band and gender (U11-U12G, U11-U12B, U13-U14G, U13-U14B, U15B/G) is offered in 3 different times throughout the week. Players are allowed to sign up for ONE session per week.
  • Goalkeeping sessions are run in their own time slots and broken into U11-12 B/G and U13-15 B/G.
  • SOCA will open registration back up for players to sign up for a 2nd session if not all spots are filled in a given time slot.
  • SOCA will email Arrival instructions the night before to let you know what group you are in and what field to report to upon arrival.
  • SOCA will send out a new Registration link each week.